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    It all started as an accident. After graduating college and having had several unfulfilling corporate jobs,  I knew that I wanted to start my own brand centered around my love for design and high quality goods. That's when Threadsy, a t-shirt brand to help raise money and awareness for charity, was born.

    The challenge was finding a screen printer that, not only was reliable and quality oriented, but also embraced the use of fashion forward printing techniques using water based ink instead of traditional plastisol ink. As I discussed my needs with numerous printers, I received nothing but blank stares in return. It seemed that no one was capable, or willing, to produce the type of work that I needed for my t-shirt brand. So I decided to setup shop and print my own shirts.

    I bought the best equipment I could get my hands on and taught myself how to print. This involved countless hours on YouTube, scouring online forums, attending professional training courses and many sleepless nights.

    Once word spread that I could screen print, I became so busy with other projects that I didn't have time for my own brand. That's when I decided to refocus my business and dedicate 100% of my time to screen printing.

    If you'd like to collaborate on a project then shoot me an email (at) seth@threadsytee.com. 


    Seth Manthei