MI Rootswear Launches in Northern Michigan

Michigan Rootswear is a new apparel and lifestyle brand that has just launched this past week...and they are on fire! If you haven't heard of them yet, you will soon. 

I've had the pleasure of getting to know the founders, Chris and Jess, over the past couple of weeks. They are incredible people that have a passion for supporting all that is Michigan. I'll let you hear it right from them:

"We love Michigan!  From the farms to the Great Lakes, and all of the amazing cities in between, there is amazing stuff happening all over our great state!

The spirit of independence lives in our thousands of incredible small businesses, who are constantly pushing the envelope and building rich communities and cultures.  We get to enjoy tons of incredible art, music, food, craft beer and wine, and much more!

There are awesome communities of like-minded people growing everywhere in Michigan, and in these villages, towns, and cities, the people feel a strong sense of belonging, of place... of roots.

MI RootsWear was founded with the goal of helping you to show the world where your roots are, and representing all that the great state of Michigan has to offer.

We'll be rapidly expanding our line to include designs and items emphasizing and promoting the many different aspects of Michigan's culture, with a focus on the lesser-known - amazing places, people, and things that are sometimes overlooked by the mainstream."

So, go pick up a t-shirt or hoodie and wear your roots with pride >> MI RootsWear 



September 28, 2013 by Seth Manthei
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